James Gill
Peterborough, Ontario
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   "After twenty-five years of living in our home, we finally made the decision to replace our worn carpet with hardwood.
   We employed James Gill to do the work. The work was done quickly with as little disruption as possible. The flooring was professionally installed and the results are stunning. We love the difference!
   At the same time, we had a couple of places in the house where we were getting water damage. In one case, some roofing had to be redone and drywall repaired. In the other, skylights had to be replaced and window frames repaired. All of this work was done efficiently and in a very cost effective manner.
   A couple of years later, we remain happy with our floors and we remain completely dry and protected from the outside elements.
   We are very happy with the service provided by Gillmore Home Renovations and would recommend them to others without hesitation."
  Mike Breton
  Guelph, Ontario

Wooden deck construction in Peterborough

Decks and Fences

The first step out the back door is often onto a deck. Decks are perhaps the most common and favorite addition in the back yard. Decks create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of the back yard.

With the addition of patio furniture and a barbeque you can create a space for entertaining, relaxing, or sunbathing, just steps from your home. This is an addition that not only enhances your lifestyle, but also adds value to your home.

Decks can be a simple platform or an elaborate multi-level design with pergolas, gazebos, and trellis. It can be whatever your imagination allows.

At Gillmore Home Renovations, we build decks from various materials such as Western Red Cedar, TimberTech, and TREX. In fact a project may include a variety of materials, utilizing each in the construction process were they provide the greatest benefit in strength, longevity, and visual appeal.
We built this wooden deck and steps
We built this wooden storage shed We built this wooden fence Close up of wood fence

Windows, Doors, Roofing...

info about windows, doors, roofing... coming soon...
Wooden fence with storage area
French doors Doors and windows in a sunroom Shingling